Proposition C: Solving the Homelessness Crisis

Our City, Our Home initiative created to address the homelessness crisis in San Francisco.

What is Prop C?

Known as the Our City, Our Home initiative, the measure would levy an average of about 0.5 percent in gross receipts tax on corporate revenues above $50 million. The estimated $300 million raised would primarily be used to fund programs that help people access permanent housing, in addition to mental health services and other supportive services.

  • As of the 2017 San Francisco Homeless Count, there were 7,499 people considered homeless living in San Francisco, of whom 4,353 were unsheltered. On many fronts, San Francisco is already doing more than other cities to address homelessness. The city has made significant investments in permanent supportive housing and pioneered a new model for shelters, the navigation center. But the current crisis is dwarfing these efforts.

Why is this beneficial?

Prop C would impose an additional tax on individuals and businesses in San Francisco that earn more than $50 million in gross receipts (total income) per year in order to fund housing and services for homeless individuals. Out of 13,000 businesses that currently pay the gross receipts tax, approximately 300 to 400 would be affected.

  • At least $150 million (50%) would be allocated to helping homeless people secure permanent housing. This includes providing short-term rental subsidies for up to five years, permanent supportive housing, and single-room occupancies.

  • At least $75 million (25%) would be allocated for intensive wrap-around services, street-based care, treatment, drop-in services, residential facilities, and housing for people suffering from mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

  • At most $40 million (12%) would be used for programs to aid people who are recently homeless or at risk of homelessness.

  • At most $30 million (10%) will pay for 1,075 new shelter and navigation center beds, as well as fund drop-in hygiene programs.

Prop C offers real solutions to San Francisco's homelessness crisis that centers permanent housing and wrap-around services. On November 6th, remember to vote "Yes" on C!

Nov 2018Brandon Balidio