Kapitbahay Times Newsletter 


Due to our recent transition to a new website service provider, many of the articles linked are no longer functional. We are in the process of gradually transferring old articles to our new website; you can find them here.


April:  "Don’t Steal Our Sunshine"

  • Shadow Looms Over VMD

  • Heroes In Our Windows

  • Tenant Support Group in Excelsior

February:  "Ain’t No Power Like…"

  • New Year, New Us

  • Bring Down MUNI Fares!

  • Demystifying COPA

  • Filipino Immersion Program


November:  "Get Out the Vote!"

  • A Tribute to Dawn Mabalon

  • Solving the Homelessness Crisis

  • Housing and the Filipino Community

  • Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project

August: "Whose City? Whose Streets?"

July: "Creative Resistance"

May: "We Demand Community-Based Solutions!"

April: "Uplifting SoMa Voices"

March: "No Future Without Us"

January: "Repeal Costa-Hawkins"