Community Option to Purchase Act

Authored by Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer in close collaboration with local housing rights groups, COPA gives nonprofits the right of first offer to buy a building when it enters the real estate market, and the opportunity to match the final offer before a sale is completed.

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Current CampaignTJ Basa
Eviction Protections 2.0 (2015)

On November 9 2015, new tenant protection laws called "Eviction Protections 2.0 came into effect in the City and County of San Francisco following a City-wide campaign, which included advocacy from SOMCAN as part of the Anti-Displacement Coalition, along with other groups.

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Past CampaignRobin Castel
Pedestrian & Night Safety

The South of Market is a neighborhood full of children and seniors, but to many it is the thoroughfare to the freeway. For this reason, many cars zip through the streets, not seeing the density of families accessing their neighborhood services and homes. SoMa streets are also among the longest in the City, leaving few safe crossings for pedestrians.

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Transit Justice

The Central SoMa Plan was introduced in 2011, ostensibly as a way to increase housing and jobs as well as to promote transit-oriented growth. However, without meaningful input from local residents, the people of SoMa will see a familiar narrative unfold: eviction, displacement, and gentrification. 

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