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Raising Places

SOMCAN was one of six organizations nationwide selected to convene Raising Places, a nine-month interactive series of learning labs developed aimed at cultivating child-centered communities. Launched last December 2017, SOMCAN has been collaborating with SoMa residents and stakeholders to develop innovative solutions for three community-identified issue areas: unsafe streets; rampant displacement; and lack of accessible open spaces. Learn more.

Pedestrian Safety Campaign

SOMCAN, in partnership with various city agencies and organizations, are working to reach Vision Zero's goal of zero pedestrian fatalities by 2024. Children and seniors are particularly at risk while cars are speeding through the busy streets of SoMa. SOMCAN has been advocating to increased traffic signage, one-way streets, and advance pedestrian and mid-block crossings that can reduce the dangers that our most vulnerable community members face. Watch video.

Kapitbahay Program

SOMCAN recently re-launched its Kapitbahay membership program to educate, organize and empower Filipino tenants in the SoMa and Excelsior to take collective action against the rampant evictions and displacement happening all over San Francisco. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Gene Alejo at tenantcounselor@somcan.org or Raymond Castillo at tenantorganizer@somcan.org.

San Francisco City Youth Conference

SOMCAN’s YOHANA was recently awarded a grant by the Youth Leadership Institute to fund the first-ever San Francisco City Youth Conference (SFCYC)! SFCYC will be a two-day conference for high school-aged youth across the City to connect, educate, empower, and build solidarity with one another about their neighborhood issues and struggles. For more information please check our page here!

Night Safety Campaign

Do you feel safe walking at night around the SoMa? Alleyways aren't bright enough due to broken, dim, and/or insufficient street lights. YOHANA seeks to address this issue by:

  1. replacing street lights that don't work

  2. changing HPS lights to LED lights

  3. lowering the height of street lamps

If you would like more information, please email yohana@somcan.org.

Central SoMa Plan

The Central SoMa Plan was introduced in 2011, ostensibly as a way to increase housing and jobs as well as to promote transit-oriented growth. However, without meaningful input from local residents, the people of SoMa may well see a familiar narrative unfold: eviction, displacement, and gentrification. SOMCAN has been actively engaging with the Plan to ensure that the interests of low-income youth and families are represented in the massive rezoning effort, which will allow offices, houses, and hotels to be built where they were previously banned. To learn more, please contact David Woo at dwoo@somcan.org.