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Central SOMA Plan

The Central SOMA Plan was introduced in 2011, ostensibly as a way to increase housing and jobs as well as to promote transit-oriented growth. However, without meaningful input from local residents, the people of San Francisco will see a familiar narrative unfold: eviction, displacement, and gentrification. For the latest updates and to get involved, email dwoo@somcan.org.

Yes on Prop 10: Repeal Costa-Hawkins

Costa-Hawkins is the state bill that legalizes a landlord’s ability to raise rents on vacant units.  In addition, the bill restricts rent controlled units in SF to units that were built on or before 1979 and does not allow for single family homes or condos to be rent controlled.  SOMCAN continues to advocate for the state bill’s repeal in an effort to protect working-class/low-income tenants and fight displacement. Vote YES on Prop 10 to repeal Costa-Hawkins!

Save "Little Masantol": Stop the Evictions at 657-659 Natoma

SOMCAN has been working closely with multi-generational Filipino families residing at 657-659 Natoma Street facing Ellis Act evictions from their longtime home. Their landlord Michael Cheung is the founder of a multi-million dollar financial investment company.  Learn more.

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Bring Down MUNI Fares

SOMCAN is organizing to halt MUNI fare increases, reduce current fares (especially for low-wage workers and City College students), and identify neighborhoods that are underserved by SF’s public transit system. In an effort to combat the privatization of our transit system, SOMCAN aims to make transit more efficient, accessible, and affordable for residents. Click here to take our MUNI riders survey!

Strengthening Families

In partnership with the Youth Leadership Institute and the Department of Public Health, Strengthening Families is a nationally-recognized, evidenced-based model designed to foster healthy parent-child relationships through increased intergenerational dialogue, awareness, understanding. Graduates from the program are shown to have improved academic performance and decreased red-flag behaviors such as underage drinking and smoking.

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Kapitbahay Tenants Coalition

SOMCAN is relaunching its Kapitbahay membership program to educate, organize and empower Filipino tenants across San Francisco to take collective action against rampant evictions and displacement. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Gene Alejo at tenantcounselor@somcan.org or Raymond Castillo at tenantorganizer@somcan.org.